Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Global warming. The good, the bad, the ugly and the efficient

A view of Earth seen from the International Space Station (ISS) taken by current ISS crew member, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Korniyenko.

Global climate change has been portrayed largely as an unmitigated catastrophe for humans and the environment but, in reality, the topic is more nuanced. Although scientists agree that the climate is changing and many accept that anthropogenic increases in CO2are to blame, there is actually both good and bad news about global warming—and some ugly news about abatement strategies. The media and the scientific literature pay little attention to the possible benefits for some parts of the world of a warming climate; bad news always attracts more attention.-A warmer climate, especially during the winter months, would mean a longer growing season in all parts of the world that now experience frost and snow during the winter. Any part of the world above 40ยบ North will probably enjoy less ice and freezing weather, and a greater number of warmer days in the future. 
So far from being a villain, carbon dioxide is essential to life on earth.- Why is plant growth way up? Because of all the extra carbon dioxide in the air. According to the study, which was published this week in the scientific journal Nature, the total area of the planet that's covered by plants has increased by more than 11 million square miles in the last 33 years.
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